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Spring is right around the corner; ways to spring clean your health

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Spring officially begins next Thursday.

And while Spring cleaning your home may be on your to do list already, why not do the same for your health?

It’s be a long, cold winter but Spring is finally around the corner.

Experts say it’s a good opportunity to focus on some spring cleaning for your health’s sake.

Here are a few ideas to get started:

Increase your activity by going for walks during lunch or after dinner.

Plan an active family getaway or weekend.

If you’re not a gardener already, consider starting, gardening burns calories. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables as a result of your hard work.

Speaking of foods, enjoy the season’s best produce, like strawberries and pineapples, peas and asparagus.

Use the mild temperatures to re-energize your workout.

Consider adding hiking, or sign up for an outdoor boot camp to switch up your exercise routine.

During your spring cleaning around the house, don’t overlook the medicine cabinet.

Get rid of expired medications. Same goes for your pantry.

Toss anything outdated, but also anything that might set you up for failure to meet your health goals – or those of your family.