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Update: Over one thousand packages destroyed in UPS fire

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OKLAHOMA CITY  - More than one thousand Oklahomans won't be getting their UPS deliveries this week. A massive fire at one of the Portland Ave. warehouse Wednesday morning destroyed their packages.

UPS says right now it is working to get in touch with people whose packages were impacted.

Crews kept reporters far from the fire at 1:30 in the morning. However, News Channel Four obtained photos that show the fire burning.
You can see glowing flames pouring into the UPS warehouse. It ate away at a semi trailer, turning packages to ash.

"Oh my goodness, no," said Justeen Cosar.

Cosar says these are precious parcells. You just don't expect them to go up in a blaze.

"I'm quite shocked,"said Cosar.

Perhaps more intriguing is who it all began. Firefighters say an employee unloading a truck dropped a box. Instead of using a flash light to see in the dark, he used a lighter.
He leaned down to pick it up. He told firefighters he smelled alcohol, and the next thing he knew, the package was in flames.

"I think it's unfortunate, but I think accidents can happen in any workplace."

No one was hurt, and work goes on at the 24 hour hub.

UPS is contacting more than 1,100 customers in the Tulsa area to let them know their packages won't make it.

"We know what packages were in the trailer. We know what was damaged, and we will initiate a claims process," said UPS Spokesperson Sara Everett.

Everett says the company's insurance will pay to replace the charred items.

"There's nothing our customers need to do because we will work with our insurance company and with the vendor who is sending them the package to make sure they get a replacement," said Everett.

Firefighters say the flames caused $150,000 worth of damage.