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Controversial “No Excuse Mom” fitness movement heads to OKC

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OKLAHOMA CITY - After having a baby, Nikida Skanes did something a lot of women struggle to do.

She lost 70 pounds and now she's encouraging other mothers to get on board and join the "No Excuse Mom" movement.

Skanes said, "My goal is to help inspire other moms who are lacking in time and to have other priorities in our life as well, just really to make health a priority."

Maria Kang received a bit of backlash for a photo on Facebook captioned, "What's your excuse?"

Users accused her of "fat shaming" and called her the anti-woman.

However, the mom of three twisted negative comments into motivation and launched "The No Excuse Mom Group."

Now, the campaign has 700 local groups worldwide, including one right here in Oklahoma City.

Skanes said, "Honestly, I saw the photo and I was like 'Wow, if she can do it, I can do it as well.' You know, I'm a mom of three and I've been there, done that with excuses, so I was really inspired."

Nikeda meets 'No Excuse Moms' several times a week to sweat it out.

"I'm still trying to break on the barriers of excuses," she said. "I try to be accessible to the members. I really try to be flexible in working around the mom schedules."

She says she finds ways to hit the gym five to six days a week.

She heads to places like the YMCA, which has playgrounds and daycare assistance, so she can bring her kids and still exercise.

Ryan Epley, executive director of the Midwest City YMCA, said, "There's definitely time to get a good workout in. We provide a service where mothers can come in and workout while their children are supervised."

Skanes says she sees Kang as a positive role model.

She said, "Her reasoning behind it, I believe, is not to fat shame or to make anyone feel bad. I believe truly it is to motivate and inspire."

For more information visit the No Excuse Mom's website.

Organizers say anyone is welcome to join.

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