UPDATE: Canadian County Judge denies Farmers’ motion to limit pretrial publicity

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MOORE, Okla.  - A Cleveland County judge denied a motion by Farmers Insurance to limit pretrial publicity on several cases brought against them by Moore homeowners.

These homeowners hired local attorney, Jeff Marr, to represent them in their lawsuits and the motion by Farmers claimed Marr is not adhering to a professional code of conduct when talking about them.

Farmers attached 8 different exhibits to their motion, all stories done here at NewChannel 4.

"These cases are news. They were news when these people were subjected to the storm and they're news now," said Marr.

One comment that really seemed to tick Farmers off came during one of our stories here on Newschannel 4; a comment labeling the insurance company as a bunch of "bullies."

It came after the head of Farmers Media Relations did a Skype interview with us.

"We're very bullish on the state of Oklahoma. And we want to do what's right by our customers," said Mark Toohey with Farmers Insurance during the Skype interview.

"Well I think they're bullies. They got that part right," responded Marr.

Cleveland County judge, Thad Balkman, denied Farmers motion in a hearing Thursday afternoon.

"In every case that I have against them, one if filed, primarily because they don't like seeing these people's stories on TV," said Marr.

Marr says they should be less concerned about bad pretrial publicity and more about post-trial publicity, especially after a recent $15 million dollar judgement against Farmers.

That judgement came down just last week in Woodward County.

It was awarded to 3 different homeowners that said Farmers treated them unfairly after the tornado up there 2 years ago.

And the judge held another hearing in Woodward Thursday morning because Farmers refused to sign off on that judgement.

The judge filed it anyway, so it's now official and on the record.

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