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Go ahead and hit snooze, it’s World Sleep Day

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Feeling well-rested?

Chances are you’re not getting as much sleep as doctors say you should.

One group is hoping to give you a wake up call today, “World Sleep Day.”

The typical standard suggestion is adults should aim for about eight hours of sleep per night.

However, when the National Sleep Foundation interviewed 1,000 people last year, 73 percent said they got less than the recommended amount of rest.

The study found, on average, adults sleep six hours and 51 minutes per night.

Experts said we should focus on three elements of good quality sleep; length, continuity and deep sleep.

Doctors warn being sleep-deprived can also affect your mental sharpness, emotional balance and health in general including weight.

According to the experts, for everyone one hour of sleep you lose, you need one day to recover.

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