Oklahoma City man arrested, home condemned after dead cats, feces found covering floors

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Police say they made a horrifying discovery inside a metro home.

An Oklahoma City man is behind bars after officials found 10 dead cats and 14 live but severely neglected cats inside his home.

The remaining 14 cats were in such bad shape they had to be euthanized.

Officials also found a drawer full of dead kittens.

Troy Templin, a neighbor, said, "I think it's horrible. Anyone who treats animals like that is just crazy."

Suffering from feline leukemia, 14 other cats had to be put to sleep.

Trace Lyons, with Oklahoma City Animal Control, said, "These cats didn't have a chance after not being fed or taken care of. They didn't have a chance and that is sad."

The man accused of allowing the deaths and cruelty inside the home is 52-year-old Terry Chesser.

Before being arrested, Chesser allegedly told officers, "I have been looking for a shelter to take the animals to."

Investigators don't know why the suspect hoarded so many cats.cat house

"Yeah, it's a long mystery why people collect animals," said Lyons. "They start by collecting one or two and get to the point where they don't know how to ask for help."

City inspectors condemned the home after learning it didn't have running water or electricity.

In addition to the two dozen dead cats, there are still a handful of stray cats that need to be trapped at the home.

According to police, the suspect worked as a nurse at a local senior living center.

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