School district mistake that no one noticed left mother in a panic

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SCHENECTADY, N.Y. – A mix-up at a Schenectady elementary school left a mother thinking her child went missing.

A five-year-old girl spent an entire day at the wrong school.

The child’s mother, Patricia Rodriguez, says she is not pleased with how the school district is handling the situation.

The district reported that a series of events led to five-year-old Janeya spending an entire day at the wrong school.

Janeya reportedly was impersonating another student, which led to school employees thinking that nothing was wrong with the situation.

Rodriguez is still upset after thinking her child was missing for nearly three hours after her child did not get off the school bus in the afternoon.

According to reports, Janeya took the morning bus to the wrong school, and that is where she spent the rest of the day in a first grade classroom without anyone noticing.

The school district said that they were not concerned with Janeya being there because she mislead administrations by “assuming the identity” of a new student they were expecting that day.

The school also claimed Janeya even wrote the other student’s name on paper throughout the day, but her mother claims that the paper work Janeya took home, had her real name on them.

The district has announced that they will address the issue of taking a closer look at the new student intake process.

Although the school district says that they will continue to look at the issue and take “some” responsibility, Rodriguez says she is considering taking legal action.

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