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Teens face toughest job market on record

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Before you get on your child’s case about not finding work, remember these days it’s hard to find a job.

Just 26% of teens, aged 16-19, had a job in 2011. But that number has plunged.

11 years earlier, 45% of teens had a job.

This data comes from the Brookings Institution, which also says the current teenage employment level is the lowest on record, in the post world war two era.

The situation isn’t that much better for college students.

Look at 20-24 year olds, 61% of them had a job in 2011 — compared to 72% in 2000.

But who is most likely to be out of work?

Lower-income young adults, men, and African Americans.

Brookings Institution says there are a few issues at play, one of them is the educational system.

The group says high schools should do a better job preparing students for college, possibly by offering duel enrollment.

Some high schools allow student to go to a local university for classes for part of the day. But college isn’t for everyone.

Brookings says job training should be a big emphasis, including 2-year degree or apprenticeships.

Regardless of what changes are made, the good news is that the economy gets better, job opportunities should increase.

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