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Twitter can tell when you are happy or sad

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If you’ve ever tweeted about you mood , you’ve contributed to some revealing information. Twitter has released new data that shows when we are at our best and when we just might be off our game.

We often take to Twitter to vent frustrations or to declare when we are happy, turns out there is a pattern to our emotions that we can learn all from those 140 characters.

Twitter pulled a massive amount of data together from all of the tweets sent in 2013.

They looked at the usage of different words and phrases and cataloged them by day of the week and month and it revealed a lot about our emotion routines.

They found the time more people tweet that they, “feel sad” is on a Sunday in December or a Monday in October.

When did people say they “felt happy” in 2013? A Tuesday in December, or a Tuesday in January.

Also Fridays in March.

Sundays in March as well as Thursdays and Fridays in November are the days that people most frequently tweeted that they were hungover.

Lately, people tweeted that they ran late for work most commonly mid-week in July or Fridays in January.

And what you tweet today may help contribute to next years report. #HappyFriday anyone?

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