WATCH: Cameras rolling when woman is reunited with lost, blind dog

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NORMAN, Okla. - Cindy Sundgren says she and her blind dog are inseparable, they travel across the country together, showing horses.

Sunday morning at La Quinta Inn in Norman, she parked her car and left it running while she went inside to checkout of the hotel.

She says the next thing she knew, her car was being stolen, in it, was her best friend scout.

Cindy was explaining  her efforts to find her scout Sunday afternoon, when all of a sudden they got a call from someone who had scout.

Immediately, the family was on the road to reunite with scout and after a short drive Cindy was out of the car, and up the stairs where she met scout.

A local resident had taken her in after she had been sitting in one spot for hours in the cold, blind and alone.

Relieved and reunited, Cindy says she wont let scout out of her sight.

" I cannot tell you how happy we are to find her she's a very special dog and she's irreplaceable," says Cindy.