New bill looking to regulate tobacco sales

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State Capitol

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma Representative is looking to crack down on internet tobacco sales.

Representative Doug Cox has authored a bill that will help regulate the sale of cigarettes over the internet and through the mail.

House Bill 2361 would prohibit the distribution, sale and transportation of cigarettes to anyone who is not an authorized retailer, distributor, wholesaler or export warehouse proprietor of cigarettes.

Rep. Cox says there are flaws with the current laws regarding internet and mail order sales.

“Our current law allows internet and mail order sales, which makes it difficult to track contraband sales,” said Cox, R-Grove. “Usually, those cigarettes do not have the required stamp affixed to them, which means they cannot be taxed and the state loses revenue from those sales.”

Although this bill will regulate tobacco internet sales, the bill does contain an exemption for any sales and deliveries of less than 1,000 cigarettes.

HB 2361 has passed the Oklahoma House of Representatives and will now head to the Senate for consideration.

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