Police find drugs, $22k cash in NW OKC home

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BETHANY, Okla. - An early morning drug bust yields not just marijuana, but more than a dozen prescription pills.

Bethany Police believe the two suspects were trafficking the drugs outside of their Northwest Oklahoma City home.

Bethany Police say they only found about an ounce of marijuana; however, police say the cash they found is just more evidence that a large amount of drugs have been in the house.

Neighbors woke up Wednesday to find police raiding a home in the 1500 block of Sterling Avenue.

Gabriela, a neighbor, said, "It kind of freaked me out because there were so many cops."

Police were there to arrest Sean Quiroz and Katelyn Gehrer.

After police served a warrant, they found two bags full of prescription pills, several small bags of marijuana, a scale and a stolen gun.

Detective Mark Girten, with the Bethany Police Department, said, "The marijuana was in a backpack and the gun was in there as well. When we checked the serial number on the gun we realized it was stolen from a burglary in Oklahoma City."

That wasn't all they found, police also found more than $22,000 in cash.

Detective Girten said, "The cash is a direct result of the marijuana sales."
Neighbors say it's only slightly surprising considering the nightly traffic at the home.
Gabriela said, "A lot of people go in and out of that house. You just don't know what people are doing."

Bethany Police say it was thanks to a tip that they were able to initiate the investigation which led to the arrests of Gehrer and Quiroz.

Detective Girten said, "No matter what tip they have, it's never too small. If there is a lot of traffic coming and going from a house they need to call us and let us know."

Police say they believe the suspects had been selling drugs out of the home for a while. However, they were surprised when they found the prescription pills.

The suspects were taken to the Bethany Police Department and were later booked into the county jail.

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