Oklahoma City man accused of impersonating police sparks larger identity fraud investigation

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City man is behind bars accused of impersonating a police officer.

Police arrested David Roberts for allegedly trying to pull over a driver Tuesday night along I-44.

Authorities said Roberts was wearing what appeared to be a police uniform.

His vehicle had police lights, scanners and other police-style equipment inside.

The suspect allegedly had drugs in his car as well as numerous credit cards and personal identification from multiple victims.

Police said it's unclear how the suspect got all the stolen information although they said he may have forged some of the IDs.

He's also facing embezzlement charges after he allegedly ripped off people who's pets recently died.

"I've got a truck that looks like he's... I don't know.  He might be trying to pull me over,' said Jason Murray in a 911 call Wednesday night. "It doesn't look like a police car, but he tried to flash a badge out the window."

Alerted by that 911 call, police intercept a black pickup.

The driver, David Roberts, was allegedly found dressed in full police uniform.

"He did go through extensive measures to have a uniform similar to the police department," said Oklahoma City police Captain Dexter Nelson.

Police say the suspect's truck also had flashing emergency style lights outside.

Inside, officers claim to have found stacks of social security cards and credit cards with various names.

It's not clear how many of those cards were stolen or forged.

"We're investigating the names and see if they were made up to obtain credit or if they were stolen items," said Nelson.

"Its sad all that he's doing to different people," said Candee Scott.

Scott first got caught up with Roberts last year after Candee's beloved greyhound Johnny died.

Candee paid Roberts a hundred dollars to help have the dog cremated, but he never did the work.

"He had set up a separate account and put money in and was not doing what he said he was going to do," said Scott.

Court records show Roberts allegedly embezzled close to 8000 dollars ripping off grieving pet owners.

The driver who called 911 Wednesday night is glad Roberts landed behind bars.

"I'm very surprised to find all he had under the hood.  I'm glad my instincts were correct," said Jason Murray.

In addition to wearing a police uniform, the suspect also allegedly had a stethoscope and several ID's showing him to be a doctor, which he's not.

It's not clear why he had those items.

Police say they also found a small amount of drugs inside the suspect's truck.

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