Police discover unbelievable filth in home with three children living inside

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Tuesday night while make a drug arrest, Oklahoma City Police raided an unbelievably filthy home with three children living inside.

48-year-old Shellie Stewart and 38-year-old Allan Stone were arrested on multiple drug and child endangerment charges.

The family’s neighbor suspected them of stealing their electricity with an extension cord.

They then called police who immediately knew something was wrong with the house.

A few hours later officers dressed in raid gear showed up bracing themselves for the worst.

They found waist high clutter, trash, meth, oxycodone pills, countless used needles, sex toys and an odor so bad officers didn't even think it was safe to breathe.

Kendal Smith lives across the street and would feed Stewart's little girl from time to time.

Smith says the little girl would ask, “Can I stay for dinner? My mom doesn't have food in the house.”

She says it broke her heart to hear how scared she was to go home.

“She had scraped her knee and she comes over here for a Band-Aid. That just kind of raised my first red flag. Why wouldn’t she feel safe enough to go home for a Band-Aid,” says Smith. “There was an incident where the little girl had somehow gotten the keys out of her car and drove into the garage.”

Incidents like that made it hard for Smith to believe Stewart kept a watchful eye on her kids.

And it didn't surprise her to hear how they were living.

“If you look into their garage it’s covered from top to bottom,” says Smith. “So you could only have imagined what the inside looked like.”

Smith intervened by calling DHS at one point.

She says it was too hard to do nothing knowing there are so many people who want to have children but can't.

“When we weren’t so successful and lucky it broke my heart,” says Smith. “Because I want that and I couldn’t have that, so why does she get that?”

Officers also think Stewart and Stone were selling drugs out of the house.

The drugs and used needles were not out of reach to the three kids so police think there's a strong possibility of transmitted diseases.

The children were released into the custody of their grandmother.

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