Retired Oklahoma woman works to feed senior citizens who can no longer make the drive

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LEXINGTON, Okla. - When Pauline Austin hung up her apron and retired as a hospital cook, she never thought she'd be doing what she's doing now.

With ladle in hand, she's again feeding large crowds.

But this time it's different.

Pauline is volunteering her time to help the community of Lexington.

When state officials closed the Purcell-Lexington bridge, it left dozens of senior citizens in Lexington stranded.

Their usual trips to the Purcell Senior Citizen Center for lunch were over.

Lexington resident Sue Peery says, "When the bridge closed, it kind of cut us off from everything over here. We don't have a restaurant.   We also don't have a grocery store here."

Senior citizens had no place to get fresh vegetables.

That's when Pauline Austin decided to begin cooking daily lunches for Lexington residents.

"She just stepped up and did it," says Sue Peery.  "She does all the ordering.  And, all the cooking---with our help.  She made up all the menus to the first of April.  We was hoping the bridge would be open by then.  We're not sure now."

Sue nominated Pauline for this week's Pay It Forward award.

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