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New test will predict whether or not you will develop this common disesase

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A resent study shows that you may now be able to predict whether or not you will develop Alzheimer’s disease years before you get it.

According to reports, researchers at Georgetown University say they have developed a blood test that will help determine if you will develop the disease.

The test is said to have a 90 percent accuracy that can predict whether someone in their 70’s will develop Alzheimer’s within the next few years.

The test looks at 10 lipids or fats in the blood that are early signs of memory loss.

Since there is no way to stop the progression of Alzheimer’s, many people are wondering what is the point of the test.

Debbie Richman, from the Alzheimer’s Association, says that this test would give people time to plan.

Researchers say there is a broader reason for the test as well.

The test would allow researchers to look at patients at earlier stages in their disease.

Richman said, “How great would it be if we were able to do that early on and then get those people engaged whether that’s part of a research study about a possible drug treatment or some other treatment that would just give us more information in the end for all those people that are yet to be diagnosed.”