New sports combo debuts at Oklahoma golf course

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Families in Oklahoma City started playing footgolf three weeks ago, and say they're children are hooked.

"They love it. He's currently playing soccer so for me it's kind of a way for him to come out here and play soccer," Ryan Noe said.

Silverhorn Golf Club is the only certified footgolf facility in the state and is one of 17 in the nation to offer it. So is it more like golf or soccer?

"It's really a combo of both. It's golf. You score like you do in golf, but it's with a soccer ball," Chris Kempen, general manager at Silverhorn Golf Club said.

More than 30 countries play footgolf. The American Footgolf League started in 2011. For the first time Oklahoma can join the list of states offering the fusion sport.

"What I really grasp onto is that everyone can do it. Anybody with any kind of athletic ability. You don't have to have a whole lot of athletic ability or even a person who hasn't ever played a sport."American Footgolf league."

Silverhorn Golf Club actually spent about $2,000 to be able to add a footgolf course to the normal golf course. They purchased soccer balls that are available for rent and made larger cups on the course.

"For us it's just another stream of revenue. I think that's why the backing is big. but once again it's just to get people not just for the footgolf side, but teach them the golf side too," Kempen said.

"There's several people who come out on Sundays. We have a mass text that goes around, and it's kind of our Sunday fun day," Casi Bickerstaff said.

Regular play will officially be open starting Monday, March 24th and will be open until the end of October. Open play time is after 6 p.m. any day.

Cost is $6 to walk and $12 to ride.

Reserve your kick times by calling 405-752-1181 starting 7 days in advance.