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Volunteer departments fight two Logan County fires at once

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Multiple volunteer departments worked to fight two fires at once in Logan County.

The fire started at County Rd. 68 and Western, just north of Crescent.

It moved east burning more than 400 acres.

As many as 12 volunteer departments came to assist.

Flames roared as black smoke tore through the sky north of Crescent.

Hundreds of acres are now gone.

Most of that was Jerry Booth's farm.

"I've been working on it for 30 years to build it up to the way I wanted it," says Booth. "Now it's gone."

He says it brought tears to his eyes to watch his land burn, but joy to his heart to see hundreds of volunteers come to his rescue.

Booth says, "They did a miraculous job."

Even sub-contractors with Devon became firefighters for the day.

They happened to be working in the area so they fired up their choppers and started pouring water over the fire from the air.

David Ball with Logan County Emergency Management says, "They were able to get to some places that firefighters just couldn't get to and they missed supper at the dinner table with their family tonight to come here to help put this fire out."

Ball says before those choppers stepped in, they didn't know how they were going to stop the flames.

Fighting this fire was a community effort with everyone working solely in volunteered time.

Ball says, "These guys are giving up their time from their full time job to jump in the fire truck when their toner or pager goes off to come help us."

"That's what all these communities do," says Booth. "It's miraculous. These guy worked their tails off."

Investigators are still working on finding out just what caused this fire.