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WATCH: Massive dust devil sweeps through fire creating an unbelievable sight

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Courtesy: KUSA

DENVER – Last week Colorado firefighters witnessed a rare “fiery dust devil,” and got it all on tape.

According to KUSA, the fire started out as a controlled 150-acre burn at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.

Reports say that everything was going well until all of a sudden a dust devil formed nearby.

The dust devil then swept fire and tumbleweeds into the air while firefighters ran for safety.

KUSA says that while an extra acre of land was burned, no property was damaged.

Thomas Rogers, the man behind the camera, said that this serves as an excellent reminder of how unpredictable fires can be.

Rogers explained, “Fire can change at any time, even on a prescribed burn, where we’re in very controlled conditions, the unexpected can happen.”