UPDATE: Man arrested after allegedly leaving a store clerk bloody, bruised over incorrect change

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UPDATE:  Spencer police have made an arrest in the brutal attack of the Family Dollar store clerk.

Reports say that Qadir Bey Abadallah Aziz was upset because his girlfriend was not given the correct change after making a purchase.

Aziz has been booked into the Oklahoma County Jail, and will now face charges for assault and battery.

SPENCER, Okla. - Spencer police are searching for a man who brutally attacked a clerk at the Family Dollar Store at 8523 NE 23rd.

It happened around 5:00 Saturday evening after the man confronted the clerk over short-changing his girlfriend.

The attack was so brutal that the Family Dollar store had to close for the rest of the day because of the amount of blood and broken merchandise in the store.

The clerk, Vincent McPherson, says he accidentally short-changed a female customer by about 20 dollars.

She came back in to ask him about it and he immediately gave her the change she was owed.

McPherson says about an hour later a man came into the store and was absolutely irate over the incident.

He says the man attacked him, hitting him in his face and head.

McPherson says he's been working at that Family Dollar store for about three years and couldn't believe this was happening to him at work.

"I didn't know what to do because I couldn't believe this was actually happening. I mean I'm at work, fighting, for real. It just, wow, I don't know," said McPherson.

McPherson was left with two black eyes, cut hands, a large bump on his head and a fractured bone in his nose.

Spencer police have released surveillance video of the suspect coming into the store.

He's described as a black male in his 30's.

If you have any information on the attack, please call the Spencer Police Department at 771-3798.