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UPDATE: One dead after an officer invovled shooting in an Oklahoma City neighborhood

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UPDATE: One man is dead after an officer involved shooting.

The man was threatening his wife's life and his own when police arrived, according to Oklahoma City Police.

Four police officers entered the home and found the man in a back room with a gun.

The man reportedly refused to drop the gun and then pointed it at officers. Officers responded by shooting the man.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Neighbors who live in the area say the family usually kept to themselves.

Bill Crye  lives a few houses down and says he wasn't surprised to hear about the shooting.

"You know when you see trouble and you tend to want to stay away from it, that was that house. if it had happened at any other house in this neighborhood I would have been stunned, but not in that house.  it's a shame I hate that fact that happened to those people I really do, but ya know bad things happen to bad people sometime it's a shame."


OKLAHOMA CITY - What started as a simple assist ended with a shooting in the 4300 block of NW 21st Terrace.

Oklahoma City officers were asked to assist EMSA with a medical call around 6:30 Sunday morning, according to officials.

While on the scene, officers were involved in a shooting. The officers are not injured, but no word has been released regarding anyone else who may have been involved.

That scene is currently under investigation.

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