Oil spill strands Oklahomans at sea

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UPDATE: Just after 7 p.m. Some passengers were being allowed to disembark from one of The Royal Caribbean ships According to one of the Oklahoma families onboard.

OKLAHOMA – Oklahomans who spent spring break on a Caribbean Cruise woke up Sunday morning to find themselves stuck at sea.

With the Port of Galveston closed due to fog and an oil spill, Oklahomans were sent scrambling trying to reschedule missed flights.  The uncertainty of not knowing when the port would open made that nearly impossible.

The Royal Caribbean ship, Navigator of the Seas, had been scheduled to dock at Galveston at 7 am Sunday morning.  Instead, 11 hours later, frustrated passengers were still waiting to get off the vessel.

With a return to work and school waiting for many Oklahoma families on Monday morning, Sunday night was sure to be a long process of trying to find a way back to the Sooner state.

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