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Great State: Oklahoma City Machinist Sees Signs of ‘Springs’ Everywhere He Looks

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- If there's a spring in his step, Kerry Cannon has good reason.

Over the past 40 years he's become an expert on spring, or should we say springs.

"Springs everywhere you look," says a visitor to Cannon Springs.

"Oh yeah," says Cannon.

In the early 70's he was just another machinist, but Kerry took a job at Oklahoma City's only spring factory.

In 2004, he bought the place.

Spring fever hasn't lost its grip yet.

"I've had more fun with this job," he continues. "It's Spring every day."

Customers visit in the 'winter of their discontent'.

Their machines lay broken and in need of a part.

Cannon has kept nearly every spring he's ever made.

If one of the thousands in his showroom don't fit, he and his dozen employees can fashion one in a hurry.

Cannon says, "We get them going as quick as possible."

It's always warm in Cannon Springs.

Athena the shop dog and Precious the shop can never get the cold shoulder.

"Spring makers do it with more bounce," he jokes.

If you're a fellow spring maker, Kerry has a place no matter who you are.

"We'll hire almost anybody," he says pointing to a Texas Longhorn sticker on one of his machines.

Ask Kerry Cannon is Spring has sprung and he'll say yes even at Christmas.

If Spring means something new is coming, then he's happy.

"It means I'll have work for a long, long time," he smiles.

If you're looking for Cannon's kind of spring go to http://www.cannonspringcompany.com