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Man devastated after learning about girlfriend’s ‘fake’ pregnancy

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MONTREAL, Canada (CTV) – A man who thought he was a father-to-be says he is devastated after his girlfriend convinced him and their town that she was pregnant with quintuplets.

After months of preparing for the little ones, he soon learned she was never actually pregnant.

According to CTV, the woman told her boyfriend she was pregnant about a month after they met.

She told him she was expecting twins, but that changed to triplets and quadruplets.

After that, it became quintuplets.

Residents in the community showered the couple with gifts and offers of help.

However, the story fell apart when the couple went to the emergency room after 34 weeks.

The doctor pulled the man aside, telling him his girlfriend was not actually pregnant.

She said the woman had either faked the pregnancy or imagined the whole thing.

Now, the man is returning all the gifts they received and will donate other items to charity.

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