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Red light cameras, the reason behind a class action lawsuit

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DAYTON, Ohio – A class action lawsuit has been filed against the city of Dayton, Ohio over its use of red light cameras.

According to reports, the lawsuit alleges the cameras are a way for the city to bring in revenue.

After receiving a speeding ticket, Ghassan Deek decided something needed to be done about the use of red light cameras.

Deek said that he paid the ticket but after taking a contitution law class, he noticed something was not right.

Those involved in the suit are asking for an end to the cameras and refunds for their $85 tickets.

Attorney Michael Allen said “Our aim is to put some money back in their pockets because we believe the ordinance is unconstitutional.”

Allen’s law firm has already won red light camera cases against other Ohio cities.

He says Dayton’s cameras do not give drivers the chance to properly fight the case.

Although it is refunded if you win, you have to put up $85 just to get a hearing.

Allen expressed that he thought this policy was wrong, stating “That’s saying you’re guilty and you have to prove yourself innocent and that’s not right. That’s not what this country was founded on.”

Dayton has reportedly generated $9 million for the city since first being installed in 2003.

The city has reported that accidents have dropped at the intersections where the cameras are located along with the amount of tickets issued.