GEEK ALERT: Yes, there’s a Star Trek-inspired beer

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The boozy dreams of the Star Trek faithful have finally come true.

Sadly, no, the transwarp drive is eons away and that holodeck is nowhere in sight, but we can finally drink like the ferocious Klingons.

The Foundation of Beer, working with Star Trek’s blessing, has licensed and brewed a Klingon beer called “Warnog” – the first Star-Trek themed beer to come to the United States.

Sure, the Canadians have had Vulcan Ale for some time (from the same company) but this…this is the taste of victory in glorious combat! Also, apparently, the aroma of “mild banana and clove” according to the official Star Trek website.

The beer, crafted by Tin Man Brewing of Evansville, Indiana, incorporates rye malt into a modern Dunkelweizen grain bill for a beverage that weighs in at a mid-weight 5.5% ABV.