Hotel manager drapes pediatric cancer patients with love

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A little laughter and a kiss from baby brother, Joshua and Ella Robinson enters ProCure Proton Therapy for another round of cancer treatments.

Her mom, Sian said, "That was probably one of the worst moments of my life. You fear the worst, cancer. Potentially terminal. There are 1000's of things that go through your mind."

Dozens of international patients travel to Oklahoma City each year for the very best medical care and many at the Staybridge Hotel.

Sales Manager David Walkup said, "Anyone who walks through that door, to me they are like family members, friends for life."

David Walkup is more than a hotel manager.

He's a host, friend and ambassador for Oklahoma City.

13-year-old guest, James Carpenter said, "We saw David the first night we got here. I think we've loved him ever since."

David showers his special guests with love.

Games and bicycles for the kids, tours of the city, weekly BBQ's are all common place.

David's overwhelming hospitality is the reason ProCure Manager Nycke White nominated him for Pay It 4Ward.

"To be able to have people in OKC take care of them like David does, people leave here and think Oklahoma City is the greatest place they've ever been."

We found David at the StayBridge, surrounded by his "extended family".

Nycke presented him with $400 from NewsChannel 4 and Spirit Bank Mortgage.

"David, you know how we feel about you and the staff at StayBridge and I wanted to say thank you for all the things you do, above and beyond for our patients."

David will continue ministering to his very special out of town guests.

Many don't know, David lost his father to cancer in 2006.