Popular beer company to release new drinks that appeal to millennial drinkers

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Heineken has a plan to win over millennial drinkers.

According to Fast Company, traditional lager sales are plunging, and the Dos-A-Rita is Heineken’s plan to win back drinkers.

While beer sales may be plunging, Heineken’s sales have actually improved over the past year.

Tara Rush, Senior Director of Corporate Communications, says that “Heineken USA business is up 3 percent over the last twelve months according to Neilsen.”

Millennial drinkers are drinking more craft beers, wine, and spirits.

To cater to the millennials, Heineken is releasing new drinks, one of which is the Dos-A-Rita.


Monique Acevedo, vice president of innovation at Heineken, told Fast Company, “We think innovation is a great opportunity for us to bring in people who are not satisfied by our current lagers.”

The Dos-A-Rita is said to be a “lager margarita,” which blends Dos Equis beer with margarita flavors.

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