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Oklahoma City’s growth surpassing most of the country

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OKLAHOMA CITY – After being named one of America’s most affordable cities, Oklahoma City has received another great recognition.

Oklahoma City made it on the list of CNN Money’s 10 fastest growing cities.

According to CNN, Oklahoma City is in the midst of an oil boom.

This boom means a lot more money as well as more jobs for Oklahoma.

Don Hackler, public information officer with the Oklahoma’s Commerce Department said, “As the amount of drilling goes up, demand for services, like finishing off well heads, laying pipeline and cleaning up site, increases as well.”

The increase of job opportunities in the city has more people moving to the area.

With a population of 1.3 million, Oklahoma City has seen a population growth of more than 5 percent since the 2010 Census.

Oklahoma City reportedly has an unemployment rate of just 5 percent, which means there are almost enough jobs for everyone.