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OSBI: New arrest made in 1992 triple homicide case

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An arrest is made following the disappearance of three people 22 years ago.

In 1992 Wendy Camp, her six-year-old daughter Cynthia Britto and Lisa Kregear were reported missing.

Police have now arrested 67-year-old Beverly Noe.

Beverly Noe NEW

Noe who was said to be the last person to see the victims before their disappearance, but always maintained her innocence.

"They say I'm the last to see them, but I honest to God dropped 'em off. That's why i'm not guilty of anything," said Beverly Noe in 2013.

Noe claims she dropped off the three victims at a Wal-Mart parking lot in Chandler.

"I never hurt nobody," said Noe. "I took em to the Wal-Mart and I'll say that to my dying days."

"Beverly Noe always claimed she left the three at Wal-Mart. There is zero evidence of that ever happening," said OSBI spokesperson Jessica Brown.

Investigators with the OSBI say Noe killed the victims with a simple motive.

"She did not want Wendy Camp to have custody of Jonathon Noe," explains Brown.

According to court records, last year Beverly's ex-husband told investigators Beverly told him before the murders, "Getting custody of Jonathon wouldn't be a problem if that b**** (Wendy) wasn't involved."

"It's a lot to make sense of at the moment," said Jonathon Noe.

Jonathon Noe was just a boy in 1992, when his mother Wendy and sister Cynthia vanished.

Jonathon has lived with his grandmother Beverly in Bristow for two decades.

With police still on scene claiming Beverly killed his family, Jonathon struggled to make sense of the case.

"There is just a lot going through my mind at the moment," said Jonathon Noe.

"We hope this brings some solace even though it's been 20 years later," said Brown. "We were always on this case."

Last year police arrested Beverly's brother Grover Pruitt as an accessory to murder.

Officials with the OSBI also believe that Beverly's mother Ida Prewitt took part in the murders.

Ida died from cancer in 2011.


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