New object sightings fuel hopes in search for flight 370

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UPDATED: Search planes returned to an airbase in western Australia today after spotting more objects in the Indian Ocean that might be related to missing airlines Flight 370.

Teams are racing to find some sign of debris related to 370 — before batteries on the plane’s black box are set to die.

Officials say four orange objects of interest were found in today’s search.

  1. Original story:

The search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 will resume Sunday, but stormy weather may cause problems, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said.

Ten planes will fly over 123,167 square miles (319,000 square kilometers) located about 1,150 miles (1,850 kilometers) west of Perth.

Weather in the search area is forecast to worsen with light showers and low clouds, though search operations are expected to continue, the authority said.

Ten ships will join the search by the end of the day, including the Australian Ocean Shield, which will be fitted with a “black box” detector and an autonomous underwater vehicle, AMSA said.

All ships will seek to locate and identify objects sighted by aircraft over the past two days.

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