Second grade student’s answers his Common Core math problem in an interesting way

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Courtesy: The Daily Caller

A parent in California sent in an image of her seven-year-old son’s math answer to the Daily Caller that is going viral.

According to the Daily Caller, the boy is in second grade at a public elementary school in San Jose, California.

The parent who sent in the photo noted that her son’s homework aligns with the Common Core math standards.

Many parents have shown their frustration of the Common Core standards.

According to TheBlaze, one popular conservative politically-oriented Facebook page posted this letter a fed-up dad sent to his child’s teacher.

Courtesy of The Patriot Post

Courtesy of The Patriot Post Facebook Page

The parent who wrote this claims to have a degree in electronics engineering and stated that even he could not explain the Common Core mathematics approach.

Oklahoma lawmakers are currently working to replace Common Core standards.

Recently the Senate Education Committee passed a bill that would replace the Common Core English and math standards with new, rigorous standards designed by the Oklahoma State Board of Education.

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