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Syrian girl has face rebuilt at local OKC hospital

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A teenage girl is getting ready to go back to her home country of Syria.

She has been in Oklahoma recovering from a terrible wound she received while caught in the cross fire of Syria's civil war.

Last fall, 17-year-old high school student, Suzana, was shot in the face by snipers while walking home from school in western Syria.

She lost her left eye and some brain tissue in the attack.

Thanks to friends and family living in Oklahoma, she was brought here and treated by doctors at OU Children's Physicians and Dean McGee Eye Institute.

They worked to repair the damage and reconstruct her face.

Wile Doctor El Amm worked on the shattered area near the lost eye, neurosurgeon Timothy Mapstone concentrated on the brain damage from the bullet.

To make sure her new prosthetic eye looked just right, Suzana worked closely with an ocular prosthetic specialist.

Grateful for her time in Oklahoma, Suzana plans to go back to her family in Syria at the end of this month.