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Blanchard man gets car stolen after chasing suspected thieves

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NEWCASTLE, Okla. - A Blanchard man took the law into his own hands after he caught a man trying to break into his car in the middle of the night.

Instead of calling police he ended up chasing the suspects nearly 30 miles before calling it quits.

It happened near the 2000 block of Oak Court in Blanchard and ended near N.W. 16th and Jordan in Newcastle.

The car owner was getting ready to go to bed when he saw someone suspicious on his home's surveillance camera. He went outside and confronted the man.

"On his camera he saw they had lights, pulled up to the mailbox, and saw a male suspect get out and approach the limo they had," said detective Kevin Morrissey, Newcastle Police Department. "He ran out of his house to scare them off and as they fled in their car he jumped in one of his car and actually pursued them."

The victim chased the suspect to a dead-end road near 3600 N. Country Club. The victim got out of his car and ran to a nearby home asking for help.

"I got on the phone and called 911 and while I was talking to them the car came back down this way sped by really quickly. The victim was out there and he tried to get him to stop and he didn't," said Cheryl Page, called 911. "He went around him and the chase ensued."

Investigators say the chased ended near N.W. 16th and Jordan where the suspects' vehicle stopped working.The victim got into a fist fight with the male suspect. The woman suspect got out of their car and jumped into the victim's car.

Both suspects took off in the stolen vehicle leaving the victim behind.

Investigators say the victim was able to start the suspects' vehicle. He tried chasing them again, but the car eventually died.

"When they first arrived they found a white male out of breath wearing boxer shorts and a t-shirt," said Morrissey.

Detective Morrissey understands the frustration when you're in the heat of the moment, but wants to encourage people to stay calm and call 911.

"We discourage people from taking matters into their own hands and engaging in a 100 mile per hour pursuit through another city," said Morrissey. "We're very fortunate he was not injured and nobody else was injured."

Newcastle Detectives are still looking for the stolen vehicle.

It's a white 2007 Ford Crown Vic. with license plate number 777KIP.