Car slams into police car while officer investigates man biking with dining room chair strapped to back

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Man in dining room chair

OKLAHOMA CITY – A very odd sequence of events has ended with teens in custody; it all started with a man biking with a dining room chair strapped to his back.

Officials said they saw a man on a bicycle with a chair on his back and stopped to talk to him.officer wreck

As the officer was talking to him, a car slammed into the back of the patrol car and took off.

The officer and the man on the bike were not injured.

The car police said slammed into the cruiser pulled into a gas station.

Police said the passengers ran from the car but authorities caught up to them.

Officers said the juveniles are now in custody.

Authorities have not given any clue as to why the man was riding a bike with a dining room chair strapped to his back.