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Former Navy SEAL chases suspects after being shot in parking lot

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BATH TOWNSHIP, Ohio (Fox8) – A former Navy SEAL is recovering after nearly being hit by a car and then shot.

Christopher Heben was walking into a grocery store when he was nearly hit by a passing car.

He and the driver exchanged some words before someone in the car shot Heben, hitting him in the stomach.

Heben told Fox 8 News, “The driver looks at the passenger and they visually agree on some course of action. The next thing I know I have this massive punch-type sensation to my abdomen, kind of doubled me over, took my breath away.”

While many people would simply head to the hospital, the former Navy SEAL climbed into his car and started chasing the suspect.

He soon realized he needed medical attention and went for help.

Doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

He said, “They were pretty impressed with how I was walking, up and walking the next day. I must get up and as a SEAL, we are very kinetic individuals by nature, so nobody had to tell me to get up Saturday morning. It was just something I was driven to do.”

Police are still looking for the suspects.