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Great State: Enid Buzz to Curtoons, Curtis Tucker Does It All from Home

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ENID, OKLAHOMA -- There are people who think outside the box and then there are people who actually drew the box they live in.

Curtis Tucker was a dreamer and doodler growing up.

"When I was in school," he says, "I was either drawing cartoons on the chalk board or on the back of my paper."

He quit his advertising executive job in the late 90's and drew upon his skills as a cartoonist.

Tucker formed a whole series of companies that sold logos, clip art, even greeting cards.

For more than a decade he was at the top of the online cartoon heap.

Curtis says, "I think from the very beginning of Google I probably ranked number one for cartoon logos for 12 years."

His technical acumen should have told him that things would change though.

Google changed its search format and his cartoon business dried up almost overnight.

But Curt drew on another talent, for staying anchored to what he liked, which is sitting at home and playing around.

"It was pretty cool," he says.

Tucker started another website called Enid Buzz.

He kept working on it, slowly making his home office the hub of information for just about everything in his hometown.

Tucker made it profitable too, so he could stay right where he wanted.

"You're just at the hub of a smaller universe," observes an office visitor.

"Exactly," he replies. "I have evolved. It's always evolving."

It's not often we can shoot a whole story in one room.

It has to be a pretty interesting place.

Curtis Tucker made it that way, not by being outgoing, but by drawing enough people to him.

He's still doodling, actually, just the way he wants.

The Enid Buzz website is http://www.enidbuzz.com.

You can also log on Facebook and find an active page there.