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Decontamination suit? Think again …

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On April 30, NASA revealed “Technology” as the winning design for their new Z-2 spacesuit.

With almost 150,000 votes — just over 63% of the 233,431 total — “Technology” will be incorporated into the final version of the Z-2 spacesuit, and is expected to be ready for testing by November.

Original Story:

Want to help design a spacesuit?

NASA is taking one small step toward crowdsourced space exploration by letting Internet users select the cover layer for its next prototype suit. 

NASA engineers drew up the choices in collaboration with spacesuit manufacturer ILC Dover and student designers from Philadelphia University.

You can vote for the “Biomimicry” pattern, inspired by the look of bioluminescent sea creatures; the “Technology” pattern, with glowing panels that seem to pay homage to the classic video-game movie “Tron”; or “Trends in Society,” which mimics swoopy sportswear patterns.

Each of the suits can fit over the Z-2 prototype spacesuit that ILC Dover is developing as a follow-up to its Buzz Lightyear-like Z-1 suit.

All three designs incorporate electroluminescent wires and patches that will help engineers track the wearer’s movements while the suit is being tested.

The deadline for making your selection is April 15.