Vandals caught on camera painting graffiti on Myriad Gardens

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A group of vandals is caught on camera defacing a downtown park.

Last week several suspects armed with spray cans painted graffiti on a stage area at the Myriad Gardens.

Surveillance video caught the crime as it happened.

Six people can be seen piling out of this black Infiniti and walking across the street.

The group stands around the park for a minute before two go back, pop the trunk and grab spray paint cans.

One vandal then spray paints the steel bandshell.

Others graffiti the ground.

Two of the suspects eventually look directly back at the camera.

The graffiti on the stage area has mostly been cleaned up, although in a few spots a faint outline of paint remains visible.

"It's disappointing but we're prepared for it. We have chemicals on hand to clean it up quickly, which we did," said Christine Eddington with the Myriad Gardens.

The recently renovated Gardens is a popular park for school functions, exercise or just tossing around the Frisbee.

All those park patrons are disappointed the vandals would deface the park for no reason.

"I know everyone out here takes pride in this place and enjoys it, and it's disappointing others don't have the same respect for it," said park user Joe Leonard.

Park user Robert Rother said, "They don't even use the park and they want to mark it up, that's the worst thing."

The good news, security cameras across the street outside the Devon Tower caught the suspects in the act and hopefully keeps other would be vandals away.

"It's unfortunate someone would come down to a publicly loved place and decide to deface it for their own entertainment, but ultimately they'll learn a lesson from it," said Eddington.

The graffiti cost the gardens a couple hundred dollars to clean up, but police still hope the catch the six responsible for the crime.

Oklahoma City police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow said, "It's still vandalism, regardless of the amount. 150 dollars may not be a lot, but we take this crime very seriously."

So far no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information on the suspects seen in the video is asked to contact Crimestoppers.

Police don't know for sure, but this doesn't appear to be connected to the recent incident where someone turned the water green in the park for Saint Patrick's Day.