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Enid pharmacist arrested for stealing painkillers from drug store

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ENID, Okla. - An Enid pharmacist is behind bars for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars work of drugs from the drug store where he was employed.

Eric Chandler started working at Walgreens in 2012 and shortly after became the night shift pharmacist, leaving him behind the counter alone.

According to court documents, in one year, chandler allegedly slipped over 600 painkillers into the pocket of his lab coat, costing the Enid Walgreens over $2,000.

Chandler told officers he had built up enough of an immunity to the drug that he didn't feel that he was impaired while working.

Chandler had several emotional break downs during his interview with police, telling them he knew he had become an addict and didn't know what to do to get help.

Chandler said it all started after his girlfriend committed suicide, and he needed the medicine just to get by.

Chandler told officers he went from taking one to two a week to taking two to three a day.

“It sucked him into some type of depression and he didn’t receive any treatment for that so he was taking the medication and kind of got hooked.”

But this wasn't the first time a pharmacist at this Enid Walgreens has allegedly been caught stealing.

Just last year, Kelly Vaverka told officers she stole painkillers to deal with work stress, although employees had suspected she was selling the medication.

Both times, Walgreens managers had launched their own internal investigation before calling Enid Police.

“You don’t want to just jump the gun and have somebody arrested and find out that’s not what occurred,” says Capt. Morris. “Hats off to Walgreens that they actually took that first step."

Chandler denied selling any of the painkillers.

He is facing one count of larceny of a controlled dangerous substance.

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