Trio of alleged thieves steal thousands in prescription drugs

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PURCELL, Okla - Hydrocodone, Loratab and Oxycotin. Dangerous and popular prescription pills for drug abusers.

Purcell Detective, Scott Stephens said, "According to OBN, it's one of the biggest problems nationwide."

That includes small town USA.

Early Thursday morning, a trio of thieves chunked a rock through the front door of the Purcell Walgreens.

They grabbed the store's blue shopping baskets, raced to the secure pharmacy and broke out another window.

Stephens said, "They even picked up the rock and used it as a door stop to keep the doors open. They were very resourceful."

Police say the crime was well choreographed.

They raided the shelves of thousands of dollars of painkillers, and got away despite this Walgreens sitting at downtown Purcell's busiest intersection, Washington and N. Green Avenue.

At least it WAS, until recently.

Right now, the bridge connecting Lexington and Purcell is under construction.

Local business owners say that has reduced traffic here by about 10,000 cars a day.

Resident, Jesse Lockwood told us, "People work at the Wal-Mart, they go to church over here. It's rough on everybody. It's bad for the law-abiding citizen but for thieves? It might be a field day."

The thieves were in and out in less than two minutes, and disappeared down an alley before police could get there.

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