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Aggressive dog shot and killed by police officer trying to break up attack

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police say an officer was forced to shoot and kill an aggressive pit bull while trying to break up a dog fight.

Two pit bulls escaped their own backyards and started harassing homeowners and their own dogs.

Neighbor Debbie Singletary says what she saw this morning she will never forget.
She looked outside her window to see a puppy being brutally attacked by two larger pit bulls.

“Just pulling it side to side and shaking its head. It was really awful,” says Singletary. “The little puppy didn't have a chance.”

Police arrived, blocked off the scene and the next thing she heard was two gunshots.

Singletary says, “That was pretty scary.”

Lt. Ron Northcutt says, “When the officer arrived, he saw the dogs trying to attack the citizen and he had to discharge his firearm and dispose of one of the dogs.”

Although officers saw the pit bull as a threat, Singletary says that's not the dog she knew.
She says she’s never seen them act aggressively towards anyone.

“Never, because they don’t use those dogs for fighting,” says Singletary. “They’re good dogs, they stay in their own fence.”

It was a scary day for the puppy and the entire neighborhood, but Singletary says her heart goes out to a family who lost a pet today.

“It’s really tragic for them too,” says Singletary. “They’re good neighbors.”

Singletary doesn't understand how the two pit bulls got out of their own backyards or what made them act aggressively.

The other pit bull involved in the fight is in the custody of animal control.