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Local restaurants going extreme with green

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Going Green, one metro company hopes to help the environment and serve up good food all at the same time.

Large dumpsters stuffed with trash; they're not only an eye sore, they're a burden on the environment, and some residents say it stinks!

Mary Kinser an avid recycler says she's concerned with the growing amount of trash "We've only got so much space and we need to quit filling it up with trash."

Many local restaurants agree and have been looking to find an alternative to filling UP landfills.

K.C. Ortega the GM of the Wedge has been trying to recycle but Ortega says its not enough the alleviate the growing trash issue "Sending everything to a big pile in the middle of nowhere is not effective and all its doing is sending chemicals down into the soil and we have no idea what that's going to do in several years.

Oklahoma city offers residential recycling but Ortega says there haven't been any opportunities for restaurants to recycle, on a large scale.

Now with the help of project green plate, an up and coming recycling company, things are about to change for restaurants like the wedge.

Chris Buerger co-owner of Project Green Plate says "It's probably cutting their dumpster usage, their normal landfill dumpster usage by 70-80% so they're going to be able to shrink their cost and they're not throwing things in the landfill that can`t be compostable anymore."

Project green plate has partnered with seven local restaurants and they plan to work with almost 100 more in the upcoming months.

Their goal is to create a 100 percent self-sustaining restaurant industry here in the metro.

Ortega says she is excited for the change its going to bring to the metro. "Going to change everything because by setting an example in our restaurants well show the community that how easy it is how few steps we can take to go from high waste level to almost a zero waste level."

If you want to learn more about Project Green Plate go to their website at