Earthquake knocks Oklahoma woman off her feet

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GUTHRIE, Okla. - Monday morning Oklahomans felt another big earthquake, at least by Oklahoma standards.

This one shook much of the metro right around eleven Monday morning.

The 4.3 magnitude quake rumbled east of Guthrie.

It was one of nearly two dozen today alone.

The quake was felt for miles, even into Oklahoma City.

While it may not have damaged buildings or cleared out shelves like that recent California quake, it did enough shaking to frighten several Oklahomans.

It even knocked one woman off her feet.

Steph Clark said, "It rumbled and it shook the house. I thought, good lord, I'm going to fall in the earth."

Clark, a cancer survivor, admits to being a little unsteady on her feet, but the earthquake took that to a new level.

She said, "It scared me so bad it knocked me down in the bathroom."

The shaking even knocked her medications and other supplies off a shelf and onto the floor.

Across town Patel and Lata were going about their morning business at a Guthrie gas station when the rumble began.

Patel said, "Everything was shaking."

Cameras at the convenience store were rolling.

On the video you can see as the rattle begins.

While it may not have thrown products off the shelves, it lasted several seconds.

Patel said, "I was like, ooh what is this?"

Lata even checked outside, looking for new cracks on the exterior of the building.

Those at the police department say they too felt the quake, which is actually rare.

Earthquakes cause dispatch to get quite busy; although, as the quakes become more frequent the calls are slowly tapering off.

Detective Jeremy Thorne said, "I think people are starting to get used to it."

The convenience store has about a dozen cameras.

The shaking was not even noticeable on any of the others.

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