Great State: OSU Quidditch Team Loses Snitch, and World Cup in Myrtle Beach

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STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA -- Everyone gathered on this field has read the books.

"Read all the books and seen all the movies," adds Quidditch captain Hayden Applebee.

Of course it's not the game of Quidditch imagined by author J.K. Rowling or brought to life on the big screen.

This Quidditch has been converted into a real sport that earth-bound muggles can play too.

Applebee says, "As much as we can because, obviously, Muggles can't fly. We're hoping for hover brooms soon."

Hayden started playing a couple of years ago for the Oklahoma State University club team.

He's what's known as a 'snitch runner' He carries the golden snitch in a sock tucked into the waistband of his shorts.

"It's a very new sport that's a mix of a lot of different sports," he explains.

The rest of the players consist of chasers, beaters, keepers, and seekers.

They practice and play on an oval field north of the OSU campus.

One of the most difficult rules to follow; players must keep a broom stick tucked between their legs at all times.

Leah Huling is a freshman on the Quidditch squad.

Her mother used to read her Harry Potter books to the family on long road trips.

When Leah heard their was a team at OSU she couldnt' wait to play.

"I love Harry Potter," she explains. "I'm like one of those people who talk about it all the time and I came here and it was actually happening. I was like I need to get in on that right now."

It's a popular sport on college campuses these days.

After all, these young athletes are the same people who made up the huge Harry Potter fan base.

Most of the players already knew the rules of Quidditch before they even joined a team.

The Cowboy squad is pretty good.

They and another team from Oklahoma (Oklahoma Baptist University) qualified for the Quidditch World Cup.

OSU beat the number 2 ranked team twice in early rounds.

Hayden Applebee says, "We upset Arkansas twice and that's how we qualified."

Cowboy Quidditch doesn't draw much of a crowd but it's growing quickly having long since cast its spell over the people who play it.

The Oklahoma State University Quidditch team played valiantly in the 7th Annual Quidditch World Cup which took place in Myrtle Beach South Carolina the first weekend in April.

The were forced out of competition by Carlton University Sunday morning when one of the Carlton players grabbed the Golden Snitch, thus ending the match.


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