Mall security battles topless woman

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Over the weekend, authorities responded to an unusual disturbance at Penn Square Mall.

Witnesses captured video of a woman, accused of shoplifting, wrestling with security while topless.

Her bare chest was exposed to everyone who walked by.

According to the police report, mall security was contacted when witnesses saw Heather Hall allegedly concealing two pairs of jeans in a plastic shopping bag.

Reports say after one person had left two pairs of jeans in a changing room, Hall allegedly went into the same changing room with an “empty” shopping bag.

When Hall came out of the changing room, the bag appeared to be full.

Security attempted to stop Hall once she attempted to go through the doors leading into the mall.

Once hall reached the doors, an alarm sounded from the security device on the merchandise.

A witness says Hall was “running around the store evading” mall security.

They attempted to detain Hall when she finagled her way out of her clothes and tried to break free.

Hall allegedly pushed and kicked mall officials.

Once Hall was detained, officers and security escorted her to a back room

Police say they found tools used to remove security devices in her purse.

Hall reportedly blamed shoplifting on her drug addiction and said people should be understanding of her mental condition.

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