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Neighbors fear for their safety after club shooting leaves five injured

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Early Sunday morning shots were fired inside Club Rush where five people were injured.

Police say the shootout began after a D-J played a song popular with gang members.

That's when rival gang members allegedly started shooting.

"At least one individual produced a hand gun and started firing which prompted another individual to leave the club go out to the car and retrieve a handgun and come back in and fire."

John Chapman says he was inside the club when the shots rang out.

Chapman said, "I saw one lady as I exited the building, she was laying there. I hope she lives. I don't know but she was pretty still."

Chapman was struck on the side of his face during all of the commotion but says he's in better shape than a lot of people.

Belinda Ramirez lives just next door to the club and says the club is a burden on the neighborhood.

Ramirez said, "It's hard to walk out the door and not know if you're going to get shot, or if someone is going to walk up to you and stab you, you never know its scary."

Belinda Ramirez is a stay at home mom with six kids.

She says it's not fair to keep them from enjoying their childhood.

"A lot of times I catch myself saying 'no you can't go outside without someone being with you,' so most of the time we stay inside," said Ramirez.

Many of the neighbors in the area feel the same way, with most echoing Ramirez' sentiments.

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