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Off-duty Choctaw officer helps catch suspect following deadly stabbing

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A metro mother is dead and one man remains behind bars following a fatal stabbing over the weekend.

The deadly crime took place Sunday night near Northwest 27th and Robinson.

Luckily, the suspect was quickly caught thanks to the help of an off-duty Choctaw police officer.

Police say the stabbing started with an altercation between the suspect and two victims.

“I heard one of the victims scream help me,” said neighbor Rosalie Diprete.

Rosalie lives across the street from the scene of the stabbing.

Seeing one victim, Allen Galbreath, being stabbed by Steven Rivera, Rosalie’s son George McKinnis sprang into action.

McKinnis said, “The only thing I had going for me was 15 years training and experience.”

McKinnis says he pretended to have a gun behind his back.

“I was telling him I was gonna shoot him in the face and kill him if he didn’t drop the knife,” said McKinnis. “He got within 6 feet of me before he believed what I was telling him.”

The other victim quickly fled to a nearby convenience store.

The victim can be seen on video getting out of her SUV and kneeling down in pain outside.

Eventually the woman went inside covered in blood and asking for someone to call paramedics.

“She came here for help,” said the store’s owner Alex Aga.

Unfortunately, 34-year-old Beth Nelson, a mother with seemingly no ties to the suspect, died just a short time later.

“It was too late. She lost a lot of blood,” said Aga.

“She was just a cute girl. There’s no reason for any of it and no one knows why,” said Diprete.

“Exactly what this confrontation was over is under investigation,” said Oklahoma City police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow.

Police say it’s not clear why Rivera would allegedly stab either victim, but McKinnis is glad he caught Rivera before he could kill two people.

“The bluff worked and I took him in without further incident,” said McKinnis.

The victim that survived is home from the hospital.

He did not want to talk but is said to be friends with the suspect.

Rivera is being held without bond.


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