Purcell man leads police on chase after a reported hit and run incident

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PURCELL, Okla. - Purcell police say a case of road rage along I-35 led to a hit and run incident last weekend.

Police arrested and booked Brian Williams, 30, on several charges including reckless driving, assault, and obstructing an officer.

A 15-second cellphone video capturing William's arrest is making the rounds across social media.

The Purcell Police Department has been fielding calls about the video amid concerns of excessive force. Officers say they didn't do anything wrong and that they were following protocol.

"No ma'am. He was not complying. The officers gave him a strike to get his attention that was all that occurred," said Chief Kevin Williams, Purcell Police Department.  "There was no use of force -- no wrong use of force, let's put it that way."

It all started last week when officers received a hit and a run call involving a white Chevy pick up truck going southbound on I-35.

"Imagine going down 80 through a highway. A semi to your right and a big truck to your left just smashing in," said Ashley Scott, hit & run victim. "It was heartbreaking. He took off that's what made it even worse."

Ashley Scott, her husband Christopher and a friend were heading home from work when they were side-swiped.

"All this right here and all that he messed up the alignment," said Christopher Scott, hit & run victim. "He hit us hard enough. The timing and stuff on the truck we had to reset it to get the truck running."

Scott said he tried getting the suspect to pull over near a parking lot of a pizza restaurant to exchange information.

"He had a lifted truck so in order for me to get up there I stood on the step," said Scott. "I was standing right here talking to him like his windows were cracked and he just takes off. I was like police are coming and right when I said police are coming he just takes off."

With Scott still hanging from the side of the truck the suspect drove them through the parking lot of the police station.

Incident reports show officers tried over and over again to get the driver to pull over, but he took off.

Officers caught up with the suspect in the parking lot of a doctor's office near the 1600 block of Green Street.

Police arrested Williams.

In a statement to police he gave them his version of the story.

"He said he was in fear of his life from the incident at Mazzio's to here," said Chief Williams. "He was in fear for his life when my officers contacted him over here and at Grant and Green. I don't understand that thinking, but that's what he said."

NewsChannel 4 contacted Williams for comment.

He said he has hired an attorney to represent him and couldn't comment any further.

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