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Update: Judge rules in pregnancy pink slip lawsuit

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ELK CITY, Okla. - A judge in Beckham County ruled in the case of wrongful termination.

Beckam County District Judge Doug Haught found the owner of Heidi Lynn's Cafe guilty of the discrimination.

We first reported in October that the owner, Heidi Lott, fired Sherreea McClinton because she was pregnant.


Now some have trouble believing how much, or how little, he ordered the cafe owner to pay the mother whom she illegally fired.

McClinton's son, Colt, just turned two-years-old this year.

Meaning, it's been two years since McClinton's boss admittedly fired her for being pregnant.

"They turned my happiness into kind of sad, and I felt a little ashamed I was pregnant," said McClinton.

A mother of three back then, she was working at the cafe inside the Elk City Livestock Auction.

She recorded evidence of the firing on her phone.

You can hear the cafe owner's daughter, Kristina Lott, explaining the firing to the expectant mother.

"...the fact that you are pregnant now, and she can't have you," Kristinia is heard saying.

McClinton got her chance to play that to the judge.

McClinton said, "Had I not had the recording on my phone, I really don't think they would have taken me as seriously as they did."

The judge found the cafe owner, Heidi Lott, guilty of wrongful termination and ordered her to pay the mom her lost wages, $200 dollars.

"Obviously not what we were hoping for," said Nicole Snapp-Holloway, McClinton's attorney.

Snapp-Holloway feels Lott should have to pay attorney expenses and damages.

"Somebody fired Sherreea because she was pregnant, that's hard as a woman," said Snapp-Holloway. "I can certainly understand that. I don't want to be treated like that. She didn't want ot be treated like that. She knew it was wrong, and she stood up for it. All she got at the end of the day was a yeah, well, they did something wrong, but we really don't care, and that's hard."

"It was never about the money for me," said McClinton. "It was only about proving a point that it is wrong to fire somebody because they were pregnant."

NewsChannel Four called Lott to see if she would share her thoughts on the verdict.

She hung up.

"I just thought somewhere along the line she would have said I'm sorry," said McClinton.

Lott still hasn't paid McClinton the $200.

The mother doesn't expect Lott to ever deliver.

Lott argued in court documents that the law doesn't apply to her because she owns such a small restaurant, but it's against the law to fire someone because they are pregnant for any sized business in Oklahoma.

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